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DURBBU20 Durham Blackboard Users' Conference 2020

Happy new year!
This post will be about my thoughts and findings from the Durham Blackboard Users' Conference 2020 held 6th-8th January. #durbbu
Conference details:

Day 1
Day 2
Pre-conference Workshop Arriving in the new Durham Teaching and Learning Centre it's nice to see such an open and light environment, spotted with spaces to work / study throughout. The only issue I can find thus far is the drastic lack of power points in our first room!! Why do building designers think we don't need places to plug in??  Anyway, rant over and on with the workshop. What is the future of academic integrity and assessment? In this workshop you'll explore current assessment practices, review strategies for evaluating students at scale and share innovative ways to reinforce your academic integrity standards. Share your experience, learn from your colleagues and discover why Turnitin's expanded suite of tools were design…