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Durham Blackboard Users Conference 2017 Day 1&2 #durbbu

Opening Keynote
Susie J Schofield
University of Dundee Translating evidence-based guidelines to improve feedback practices: The interACT case study Is what we are telling the students clear in our minds but not in theirs?  Are we checking with the students?

What's the quickest way for the bee to get to the flower? It can fly over the maze!
We need outline the learning objectives and approach we want students to take.  Do not constrain them though as long as they are able to achieve the learning outcomes you have asked them to meet.

Talking to students about open and closed mindsets to feedback opens them up to feedback.

[Nicol and Macfarlane-Dick 2006]

Good Assessment (JISC 2007):

Engages students with the assessment criteriaSupports personalised learningEnsures feedback leads to improvementFocuses on student developmentStimulates dialogueConsiders student and staff effort Getting students to engage with feedback is more than just a technical issue.  "Feedback is more important…

Durham Blackboard Users Group Pre-Conference

Managing the LTI lifecycle Tool Consumer (Blackboard) Tool Provider (3rd party solution - e.g. PebblePad, OpenCast etc.)
3 bits of data Bb needs: URL to tool Key to identify Secret
on user click, launch request should send back context, user and role to the tool.
LTI 1.1 allows for an Outcomes service (read gradebook value, update it, delete it)
Could the LTI column in Bb be change to a calculated column that reads its data from another column in Bb - e.g. reading the result from an MCQ test?
Stephen demonstrated the raw POST parameters that are returned from a launch request.
Categorising LTI applications:
content / activity type: Provider-generated (static) / User-generated (dynamic)
Configuration method: Standard URL / Link-specific URL

demonstrated grabbing a LTI link from soft chalk and creating a weblink in Bb and selecting "This link is to a tool provider".
SoftChalk will provide you with a key and a secret to add alongside the link.

If you have an inst…