BbWorld16 Tuesday 12th July


Tuesday 12th July 2016

These are my interest notes not full notes - I'll try and clean them up after the conference and please feel free to share with me your comments and corrections.

General Session: Unveiling Blackboard's latest developments

Interestingly Bb manage 7TB of learning data (thought this was small - Keele has ~800GB alone)

Collaborate will have an engagement functionality allowing staff to see how engaged students were.

They keep repeating that they are fully supporting the 9.1 original and will continue to do so.

Bb student on iOS Android and windows for over a year now.

New theme in the 9.1 2016 Q2 release that allows you to take use of the ultra style.

In the works for original experience:
Attendance record.
- Inc, looking at pulling in attendance monitoring from card swipes.

Whilst they keep saying they are continuing to support and build on the original experience they also keep dropping that they expect us to ultimately move to ultra.

Bb Predict
Analytics to help retention and achievement
Produces an analytical model for your institution to help identify students at risk.
Full integrated to Learn.
Seems to work fully on grade of assignments and activity / time spent in Bb.  No mention of importing other data that might give a more rounded picture of the student.


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