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JISC's 4th Learning Analytics Network Event

The following are my notes and thoughts from this event.  Please feel free to comment pointing out errors or suggested additions.  I will try and clean them up post-event.

Housekeeping taken care off.  Interesting that Bradford are smoke free on their campus except designated shelters.
Introduction to the day - Niall Sclater, Jisc Rundown of what to expect today and a reminder to network and explore others expectations and experiences.
A working demonstration of Jisc’s learning analytics solution for UK further and higher education - Michael Webb, Jisc (MW) Aims of project:
Application of big data techniques to help learners meet their goals.

Developed a 'plug-and-play' system to bring this all together.

Data Collection

About the studentDemographics etc.Activity DataInteraction with HE systems etc.e.g. VLE interactionLibrary book loansUsing TinCan (xAPI) Student Insight Provided by Tribal - Target Date November 2015 - 98% ready to go.
Tool for doing one …

#HEFE2015 - My notes

09:30 Dr. Nicola Millard (NM)
A look into the workplace of the future
(NM) psychologist in background

6 trends  - 6 D's
Dr. No

(Look into term "techno stress")

BOYD is a big trend, IT dept. don't always like this as they start to lose some control.

Diversity: Cultures, gender, age, personality etc.

Age - First time ever we now have 5 generations in the workplace.  Due to living longer and the expectation our pension will last around 18 years, we will need to work for longer.  How do you retain expert, knowledgeable employees? Not everyone in later life will want to work Mon-Fri 9-5.  This is where flexible working starts to come into play.
Business is becoming increasingly virtualized.  Collaboration is becoming recognised as beneficial but that the older generation have been taught collaboration = cheating.
Email is a terrible collaboration tool - you need to know who you wish to collaborate with before you email them.  If you…