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How to create a macro in Microsoft Office Excel to process survey and test data from Blackboard 9.1

For the last 7 years I've been working with data from firstly WebCT then from Blackboard 9.  Staff and students wanted to be able to take the data from tests and surveys and then report on it in Microsoft Excel.
Simple? No.
WebCT and Blackboard would prefer you to purchase their additional tools to do all of this. As someone familiar to working with macros in Excel I chose to do my own thing.  I wrote a macro to churn through the output and produce graphs and readable text. I then went on to producing RAG ratings (Red, Amber and Green indicators of performance) and everything was formatted into a report for surveys such as module evaluations.
Recently I've started developing my own survey tool in .net using a responsive design, but I'll cover that another time.
I've been asked by Laura Sheffey from Mary Baldwin College OIT if it would be possible for me to share how I've been doing this.  I've put together the basics in the following video and provided a strip…