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MELSIG - Creative Lecture Capture, Webinars & Screencasting #MELSIGUoN

[I will be live blogging from this event and cleaning up my post later.  Please feel free to comment and share the link to this blog.  All feedback and corrections welcomed] The event investigates how live and recorded video are being used creatively in higher education to promote learner engagement. Digital media developments have appeared to compound existing approaches to teaching and learning, rather than transform them. Looking more deeply the event will demonstrate how the Flipped Classroom, asynchronous access to rich content, and making technology more accessible to diverse producers, for example, is changing the learning landscape. The focus of this event relates to ongoing MELSIG interests: the opportunities of digital and social media to enhance learninguser-generated content and the use of digital media by diverse peoplealternative modes of assessment and feedbackactive engagement and inclusion throughout the formal and informal university experienceacademic and profession…

15th Annual Durham Blackboard Users' Conference - Students as Partners #durbbu

Here is the final version of the Conference Programme with all abstracts etc

I will be blogging live from this event.  I will try and keep my comments accurate, well written and legible.  I will edit them after the event too.  All comments welcomed and please feel free to share with attribution and a link back to .

LTI in Action workshop - part of #durbbu

Being delivered by Simon Booth and Stephen Vickers.

IMS Website for certification:
This includes a catalogue of certified applications: also list some LTI apps but they are not all LTI nor are they all certified!

Going to look today at:

TurnitinScribblarAtomic Learning We will be working through the basics of this slide today using the three examples above.