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IIS App pool recycle time

This might be more technical of a blog post than my usual ones but I thought I would share this (and also make a note to myself for future reference).

What the application is for I've been working on and application written in c# with a SQL database.
It is designed for the management of applicant interviews.  At present it allows for interviewers to record the scores from the interview and the administrators to then see an overview and make offers / holds / rejects based on the applicants final score (each applicant has four mini interviews).  The system is being expanded to allow for the management of the timetable for the days and running statistical analysis.

The site is on a secure server that has shibboleth authentication for all users.
What we saw happen The days interviews were running well and all records were being submitted without much issue.  One record had to be re-entered as the interviewer seems to manage to avoid the submission process - this ability is bei…

PebblePad Midlands User Group 4th December 2014

This is my blog from the PebblePad Midlands User Group meeting on the 4th December 2014.  I will be blogging live and then correcting and cleaning up later on.

Please feel free to comment or share (share as is and with attribution).