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Google Apps for Education European User Group #GEUG14

The following is my live blogging from #GEUG14 in York on the 23rd and 24th of June 2014.  I will be editing as I go and after the event but please feel free to comment and share.

Event Website:
Hashtag: #GEUG14
Live stream:

Good start to the day, first train on time thus far. One man seems to have brought his whole office with him and is insisting on getting everything out on the table.

At Manchester Pic waiting for train to depart.  Have met up with Matt, Dan and Alex.  Looking forward to a great day.

Arrived safe - in the main room - yet again a new theatre and no power sockets in useable locations :-(
Welcome Welcome by Vice-Chancellor Koen Lamberts.
Provided us with some impressive stats from York - surprisingly few google hangouts (~3k).  I'm sure I do more than that per year. 10:00 - Living in the Cloud: A year with GAFE and Chr…