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Does anyone know the answer?

When teaching it is always good practice to check if your students have understood what you've taught them, but doing this isn't always easy. You've got the generic "do you all understand?" which is typically replied to with a less than reassuring moan. You've go the "Who can tell me what x=?" which is usually replied to by the same one or two people who always answer your quest but doesn't tell you if the whole class has understood or not. The other option typically employed is the "Hands up if you think x=1, x=2 etc.?" replied to by some of the class not not usually all and you typically find that the behave like sheep following the masses.

Over the last few weeks I've been trying out a few newer methods of getting instant feedback from students.  These are:

TurningPoint Voting handsetsGoogle FormsSocrative TurningPoint These kits have been in use at Keele for a while and mostly work very well.  They work with software which you c…