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Creating a Calendar Icon

"What a great idea, use a date / calendar icon for our events on the website so as to make the date stand out."
What seemed like a great idea at the time has turned out to be a big learning curve and a lesson I thought was worth sharing.

So firstly what is it I was trying to create?  Well here is day 1:
Simple right?  Wrong!  Once this one was created I had then to create 365 other images (yes 366 in total - leap years!) and do this one by one.  I would also have to repeat as we wanted three different colours - that's a total 1098 images.
At this realisation I almost gave up, but thankfully I remembered something about running scripts in Adobe Photoshop.

After a lot of digging around I found a life saving guide from Alan Gilbertson that guided me through the process of using a data set a variables to output the 366 images I needed and then I just changed the colour and repeated.

This guide is available at:

With this you can s…

"I don't know how to use this techie stuff"

This phrase is thrown at me on a daily basis, but since finding this notice I can remind people that the hight of technology once was turning on a light with a switch, and they can do that.

YouTube videos and Blackboard

I thought I would start out with a video I quickly recorded the other day for helping staff embed videos from YouTube in Blackboard. But I seem to have gone into more depth.

Background I use YouTube to host all of my videos and Blackboard to deliver teaching and teaching resources to students.  I also place videos on web pages for collated support for larger groups of people.   The reason I use YouTube is two fold. Firstly it's free. We have access to Google apps for education and after registering a UK mobile number (to prove you're not a robot I guess) you can upload longer videos (last time I looked it was a 24hour or 24Gb limit). Secondly it is accessible from most devices and it encodes to multiple formats allowing poor connections to still access the videos.
If you were to look at my YouTube channel you would see I only have a few videos. This is because most of what I film / produce / host for others is of either a sensitive nature or shows skills techniques that we woul…

In the beginning...

First I should say that I am making no promise to regularly post. I hope to use this blog as a record of ideas and projects I'm working on. There may be a lot of information on software and applications like PebblePad, Blackboard, Adobe Products, Microsoft Office, Mac OS & iOS, and all things Google.
I'm an e-Learning Fellow at Keele University in the UK. I will try to make my post real net to a wider audience but sometime bespoke solutions must be used.
I welcome all comments and feedback both positive and the other type.
So here goes....
Me filming equipment for a narrated presentation. (Great use of an equipment trolly as a boom operator ;-))